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Tom Voss

Ducker Notes
• The relationship between the formal, visual aspects of topography and the production of meaning in a printed text is a main concern as a book artist
• Visual Images: shapes, size, and placement of letters on the pages contribute to the message being sent.
• These messages can’t be spoken in language, rather through visual choices
• Visual characteristics of typefaces and the effect of the arrangement of words on a page
• Language has an approximate relation to experience and that the account of an experience may be constructed along several different linguistic lines.

5 Visual aspects of Laken
• The first Visual Aspect I noticed is the title of the piece “SEPARATE KINGDOMS”. The title is in all capitals. To me this says that the title is important to the story.
• Under the title there is a dotted line, this line separates the title from the author. I interpret that this could also have something to do with the title, seeing as it separates the title from the author.
• The authors name is also in all capital letters, but it is in a smaller font than the main title.
• The piece is arranged in a almost news paper arrangement with a gap running down the middle, separating the writing into two columns.
• On page 6 the author connects the two columns
• Also on page 6 one of the columns consists of two words Guh and Duh
• These words start out with the first letters capital with a period then the author removes the period, and finally into all lower case letter with no period.
• On page 7 the whole right column is the beat from the last page.
• On page 8 we see the rhythm patter come to an end about half way through the right column ending the way it began.


I believe that Lakens point was to show the reader how one tragic event can pull a family apart, and once that disconnect has happened it is even harder to pull it back together. The author wants the reader to feel the resent of the father, the confusion of the mother, and the separation Jack had from the family during this crisis. I also feel that the author wants us to know the importance of communication and how hard it can be within a family going through troubled times. After reading this I feel Lankens purpose is that family is important, but can be torn apart without communication.

Visual choices

For her visual choices Laken chooses to use a two perspective approach hence the two columns; from the prospective of the father and the son. Where it gets interesting is that both columns are happening at the same time. She also chooses to cross a few sentences over into the opposing column to let the reader know that the even that occurring is interrupting the other.

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